Welcoming Jesus to MadisonKate

So this past week I have been feeling the need to speak to God, really reconnect with him so I googled “meditate with God” and this page was the first one that came up – “Meditation Where God Talks to You” so I clicked on the Youtube video.

And oh my gosh did God talk to me, my fingers went numb and then my whole arms went numb and then my fingers started to move as if they were typing and right then the video said “From this moment on you are my messenger, it is your job to spread the light of love to all of the World” and I just knew I had to add Jesus onto my blog.

I want to write about the difficult times and the beautiful times that a Christian girl goes through in this modern society and any lessons I have learnt that may be able to help you navigate this crazy life. I also want to write about Jesus and all the amazing things he did and how we can apply his practices to our everyday lives.

I’m also hoping to upload my testimonial by the end of this week so keep an eye out for it! Make sure you SUBSCRIBE so you will get a pretty email from me in your inbox!

Love MadisonKate xx



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