Monday Madness – 9.1.17

Third’s a charm! 🙂

Oh yeah, we made it to the third Monday madness!

What’s doing…


I only posted one photo this week as I was still recovering from being sick and didn’t move out of bed the first few days. On Thursday night the fam and I went to a local dessert cafe where they offer “a world of edible luxury” which was oh so true! Photos above to prove it! On Friday I went shopping with some of my cousins and aunties and spent up big, that night I went to a party. On Saturday I had a dinner and movie date with the boyfie. This photo was the first time I told my friends I actually have a blog which was very nerve wracking but I’m so glad I have put it out into the world now as I think it’s going to help me continue writing.

What’s loving…

  • The afternoon sunshine at like 6:30 – the perfect time to sit and relax and watch the sunset or take a walk along the beach
  • Exploring Sydney city
  • DIY fake nails – buying a pack of 100 from Kmart and gluing them on myself and being able to paint them whatever colour I’m in the mood for.

What’s coming up…

  • Going on a Kedron Camp – It’s for young adults to develop leadership skills and explore their faith more
  • MY BEST FRIEND COMES HOME! My best friend has been travelling around Europe for almost 4 months and she is finally coming home on Friday!
  • I leave for a family holiday on Saturday which will be super fun


That’s it for this week! See you all next week lovelies.


Love MadisonKate xx


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