Monday Madness – 16.1.17

What’s doing…

I was on camp all week and it was incredible! It was a camp to be able to grow in my Christian faith, become a better leader and make new friends with cool Christian guys and girls. Check out my post “My Week at Kedron” to find out more! My Bestfriend came home from being in Europe for almost 4 months so we caught up and it was so good to finally see her! I also had my friend’s 19th party on Saturday night which was super fun and it is her actual birthday today (Happy Birthday Indy xoxo). Drove up to meet my family on our fam holiday for the week. Already been to the beach twice and into the town!

What’s loving…

  • God! Being able to reconnect this past week has been awesome
  • Making new friends – Shout out to Ash, Emily, Elise and Lynette
  • Playing with my puppy on the beach – we aren’t allowed dogs on the beach at home but here we are in the afternoons and early mornings which is great

What’s coming up…

  • A whole heap of relaxing!
  • Chilling with the fam and exploring new towns
  • Writing some more blog posts – I missed not having my computer all last week!

It is going to be a great week! See you next Monday for some more madness.

Love MadisonKate xoxo


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