My Week at Kedron

I don’t even know where to start! This week was definitely one of the best weeks of my whole life because of the relationship I developed and made stronger with God and others. I went to Camp Kedron on the January Leadership Camp.

We did a series of activities and workshops that gave us insight on how to be better leaders and how to connect with God more.

I did three different activities,

  1. Apologetics – where you learn to defend your faith against people who question it, it was very hardcore but very enlightening
  2. Time-out – where you learn how to have quiet time with God and they gave us a series of helpful steps to get the most out of it (I won’t give too much away as I’ll post a HOW TO on this later, so stayed tuned!)
  3. Godly Decision Making – where you learn to make God a priority in all of your decisions, even from the smallest tasks to the massive ones which was very helpful


The workshops covered a number of things such as how to run games, how to run a small group and how to control naughty behaviour when leading younger children which was very cool.


We also had heaps of fun when we went to Balmoral beach for the afternoon and did kayaking and Stand Up Paddling, I won the SUP race! We also woke up at 4:50 to climb up the mountain and see the sunrise from the top. The sunrise wasn’t very good but there was a slight gap in the clouds where the sun shone through. On the last night we went into the city and had a BBQ under the Sydney Harbour Bridge and then we walked across the Harbour Bridge which was incredible. We then had a photo hunt and my group won!


Each morning we had worship, a talk and the discussion time after which was so good. It really opened up my heart and mind and made me really think about my relationship with God. On one night we had a bonfire (but there was a fire ban so we hung fairy lights up inside and called that the bonfire) and it was so spectacular. The worship songs and all the camper’s testimonies was so moving and you could really see God working within the lives of these other young adults.



If you are interested in going on a Camp Kedron, give their website a look!!



Love MadisonKate xoxo



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