HOW TO: have the perfect quiet time

I’m going to start this off by saying there is absolutely no right or wrong way to do this, it is just what I have found to be the most beneficial to get the most out of each moment. This is a guide on how to have a controlled environment in which to talk to God, but you can talk to God whenever, when you are walking down the street, sitting bored in a class or even just doing the dishes. The smallest thought about him pleases him no matter how big or small it is.

Step One: Take yourself away from others and distractions


This is so important as you want to be able to have a quiet chat with God and you can’t do that if you are being constantly interrupted by people talking to you or exciting things going on around you. I get very easily distracted even if I’m by myself in a quiet room so I find it really helpful if I close my eyes and just focus on God, I often do this by listening to a YouTube video like the one I talked about in “Welcoming Jesus to MadisonKate“.

Step Two: Have some sort of material to read or think about


Whether this is your bible or study devotions, have them on hand so you are able to think and consider what he might be saying to you. We often want to have quiet time with God to thank him or refocus our lives or reconnect with him or ease worries so just let the conversation flow and take it where it wants to go. If you don’t end up reading the whole devotion or bible verse, don’t worry but keep focused on growing the conversation with God.

Step Three: Have some sort of writing utensils handy


Whether it’s your favourite journal, a scrap piece of paper or your notes on your phone it’s always really good to have somewhere where you can jot down your ideas and thoughts so you are able to look back and remember where the conversation went during your quiet time. I love writing in my journal, but I love even more looking back at all the things I have learnt about God and how my faith has grown.

Step Four: Leave some time for prayer and reflection


Prayer is so important in your conversation with God, it allows you to express all your thoughts and feelings and also gives you a time to reflect on how your quiet-time has gone. I always find it really helpful to write down what went well and what went not so well so I can improve next time.

Step Five: Have some fun with it!


The last step is so important, quiet time should not be a chore or a thing that is always hanging over your head but it should be an exciting part of your day, a part you looked forward to. Being able to have a conversation with God is incredible! Make it fun by doing new things, writing in your journal pretty, dancing to worship tunes or colouring in a print out bible verse.


Hope this helps, even in the slightest way! Let me know if you already follow any of these steps or plan to and how it goes! Also let me know other things you do, I’m always looking for new things to try!


Love MadisonKate xoxo



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