Monday Madness – 23.1.17

What’s doing…

I have been away all week and it was so lovely relaxing and just having some chill time. Went to the beach heaps, went into town and ate and drank too much! So great hanging with the fam playing games and watching movies. On Saturday night I had a BBQ at my boyfriend’s house and it was very yummy. On Sunday a group of us went to local markets and then came back to mine for a swim. Awesome week!

What’s loving…

  • Chilling with the fam
  • Chilling with the friends
  • Chilling with the boyfriend

What’s coming up…

  • Going back to work after having almost 2 months off – that’s going to be crazy
  • Going SUPing/Kayaking with the Trio tomorrow
  • Going away (again!) to a family¬†friends house for the Australia Day weekend which will be super fun


That’s about it for this week! Let me know what you are up to this week, would love to hear from you!

Love MadisonKate xoxo



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