Aussie Aussie Aussie Oi Oi Oi

It was Australia Day on the 26th of January and I was lucky enough to spend it with 24 family friends camping! We spent the whole long weekend together and it was an absolute blast! There are 6 families and all the parents know each other from back when they were in school. They started going away together once a year about 24 years ago and since then there have been more and more children added to the group and we now equal a total 27.

I have known the majority of the kids since they were born (I’m the second oldest) and it is so great growing up with them and knowing that we have each other’s backs.

Just a few snaps from the weekend filled with camping, chilling, beaching, sunsetting, eating and drinking. What more could you want?

So here is a shout out to “The Schoolies”, thank you for an awesome weekend away and thank you for being so awesome in general!

Love MadisonKate xoxo




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